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I wouldn't exist if it weren't for blueberries. As ludicrous as that statement sounds it's as true as blueberries are blue. My great grandfather, Clement Umlauf, was a blueberry farmer, my Na-Na grew up working at that farm, and my Pop-Pop met her there. It wasn't love at first sight from what I'm told, but they eventually grew on each other, fell in love, and had kids soon after. Eventually one of those kids had me, and I grew up loving blueberries and everything flavored as such, completely oblivious to the root of that love . I never thought to ask why my Na-Na's home was covered in blueberry nic-nacs or why I was obsessed with them. That was all just normal to me. It wasn't until a discussion with my father lead to the knowledge of my great grandfather's old blueberry farm, eventually leading me down the path that took us here.



Clement Farm, named after my great grandfather, was supposed to be a retirement plan for myself and my loves ones. I've always had dreams as a young child and tried to live them out until they became a reality. A lot of them came to some level of fruition. As crazy as they seemed and against anyone's beliefs on what could be achieved, I've always seemed to make things happen if I wanted them bad enough. Backed by those who have always encouraged me on my wild endeavors and fueled by an even wilder imagination, what was once a retirement plan became a dream come true much sooner than intended. However, I believe that only gives us more time and energy to make this dream bigger and better than ever imagined. We are excited to have you join us and become part of our new found history, and together, spread as much joy and happiness as we can with our community!



Most of our blueberries were planted by Warren Ash, as our farm was formerly known as "Ash's Blueberry Farm". There are currently 3 varieties that fruit from around June to mid July. The bushes are approximately 30-40 years of age and continue to grow strong each and every year. We plan to expand on our varieties in the future!

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