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What's provided:

Clement Farm is a 12 acre plot with about 5 acres of blueberry bushes. We provide the property for a multitude of events from festivals, to weddings, to birthdays, and even movie screenings. We only book one wedding per weekend in order to help lessen the stress that can come with planning and putting together a wedding. What this equates to, is you having a minimum of 4 days prior to your wedding for any set up and decorating and up to 2 days after to collect any items you wish to take home (Decorations, food, etc.). No rush to get things set up and no pressure to bring everything home the night of. The farm is also at your disposal for a rehearsal date of your choosing within that time period.


Our event space, The Belle, includes a 30' x 60' covered polebarn, DJ booth & hook-up with ambient lighting, lazers, and fog machine, Electro-Voice Sound System, projector & screen, minimum of 2 Portable Restrooms, minimum 1 Hand washing station, 6 Outdoor standing propane heaters, 7 picnic tables complete with umbrellas, 6 large standing wooden wheel tables, 2 small standing wooden tables, 6 large folding white rectangular tables, 2 small folding white rectangular tables, assortment of yard games (cornhole, lawn pong, etc.). We also provide clean up after all events. More may be included depending on the event and anything you would like to rent from a third party in addition is welcome.


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