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House Rules

We hate rules... With that being said, we wouldn't put these in place unless they were absolutely necessary.

(Failure to follow the house rules that result in a required extensive cleaning may result in an extra charge.)

Make Yourself at Home

The most important rule! Make yourself comfortable and if there's anything you need just let us know. We want you to feel at home, we just ask that you treat it like your own. 

No Smoking Indoors

Self explanatory. Smoking is permitted outdoors, however please use provided ash trays for proper disposal.

No Glitter

We'll get the weird one out of the way! Glitter is almost impossible to clean, it is also a non-biodegradable microplastic. Being a farm we try to be mindful of any and all pollutants.

Shoes Off at the Door

Farms come with dirt. A LOT of dirt! This just helps keep the house as clean as possible for all parties involved! Don't worry if you're carrying things in and out, we don't expect you to keep taking your shoes off and putting them on every 5 seconds. Just be mindful and logical!

No Pets

We LOVE pets! Unfortunately our busy schedules just don't permit the time it would take to clean the fur and mess they leave behind in a reasonable amount of time for future guest at this time. 

Don't Feed Wildlife

Most of the wildlife is eating pretty good around here with all the farms I can promise you that! Leaving food mostly just attracts bugs and even more likely our dogs (they are like bloodhounds for ground food).

I have read and agree to the rules above

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